What Are Dental Implants?

A comfortable, convenient alternative to dentures

There was a time when people who had lost their teeth for one reason or another had to use uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures. Thanks to the advent of dental implants, there is now a safe permanent alternative.

Dental implants are fixtures made of medical-grade titanium that are attached to the jaw. They replace the natural roots of your teeth and serve as a point of attachment for prosthetic teeth. Once the implants are in place, they are permanent. Over time, they become stronger by fusing to the bone cells in the jaw.

How are dental implants installed?

The whole process of getting dental implants starts with a consultation and a pre-procedure appointment. On the day of the procedure itself, your dental implants will be installed in three parts:

  • A screw is permanently attached to your jaw. This is what replaces the root of your natural tooth.
  • An abutment is attached to the implant. While this is a permanent fixture, your doctor will be able to remove it if necessary.
  • The prosthetic tooth – the part that is visible – is installed. It is usually made of porcelain or zirconium for aesthetics and durability. To start with, you will receive temporary teeth. Once your mouth has healed and the implants have stabilized, you will receive your permanent teeth.

Different implants for different people

Everyone has different needs, and we offer a variety of implants, including the following:

  • All-on-four implants: Patients needing a full set of teeth on either the upper or lower jaw can get all of their teeth on four implants.
  • Multiple implants: This is an ideal solution for many patients who have missing teeth interspersed with healthy teeth and gums. You can benefit from the implants while keeping your healthy natural teeth intact.
  • Single tooth implants: This is an easy way to replace a tooth lost due to injury or periodontal disease. A single-tooth implant is more comfortable and convenient than a flipper.

The benefits of dental implants

Call us today to ask about the many benefits of dental implants, which include the following:

  • They are more comfortable than removable dentures and flippers
  • They can help reduce the natural bone degeneration that can result from the loss of a tooth
  • They enable patients to expand their diets, thereby improving their general health and wellbeing
  • With proper care, they can be a lifetime investment
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